Thursday, 14 April 2011

Delicious Vegan Recipe: Jalapeno Poppers!

The weekend is just around the corner!

What do I want after a week eating right and going to the gym? I want to eat something delicious and fried! I was trying to decided what it should be...something savory and maybe cheesy. Perhaps even something that can be enjoyed with friends and a refreshing local beer (speaking of which, I love Beau’s beer, it's a local all natural organic brewing company).

Then it came to me! One of my all time favorite pub foods: jalapeno poppers! I came across a recipe that is a great variation of the tradition popper. Using panko bread crumbs and a mix of vegan cheddar cheese and cream cheese for the filling. In the past I have made them with regular bread crumbs; they are great too. But the panko adds an extra crunch, which really makes the poppers pop. ; )

The recipe is from Kathy Patalsky Blog, Healthy Happy Life (click for the recipe). Its an amazing blog, with so many great creative ideas!

Well I hope you all enjoy the recipe as much as I did. Make sure to treat yourself this weekend

Monday, 11 April 2011

Photo Update

Hello Again,

   Just wanted to do a little photo update to show everyone the type of treats you'll be able to enjoy at the bakeshop. We're super busy preparing for the big opening this summer! I hope you will enjoy these delicious photos:



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